After four years of hell, Katie Wu is finally safe. Too bad her heart hasn’t gotten the memo.

When pop singer Katie Wu returns to Seoul after escaping an abusive relationship, her longtime friends, rapper Jung Do-won and singer Kitahara Akihiro, are stunned by just how much she’s changed.

Her scars run deep, but even Katie is surprised by how often her trauma resurfaces, threatening her attempts to make music and find love again. At least this time, she isn’t suffering alone in secret. Akihiro’s determined to prove to Katie that he’s nothing like her ex while his bandQmate Do-won buries his emotions, focusing on his music instead.

How will Katie overcome her dark memories and create a brighter future?

Take a peek behind the glamor of the K-pop industry, and join Katie as she fights to rebuild her life in the witty and steamy contemporary novel Illusive, part of the Her Multiverse series written by Asian American author Virginia Duan.


Skillfully moving across time and between perspectives, “Illusive” is a spicy and evocative behind-the-scenes story about the realities of fame, the bonds of friendship, the journey of healing, and how love and sex shape us.

Leading Characters

A spicy and evocative behind-the-scenes story about

Making yourself whole after loss

How do you make yourself whole after loss? Katie seeks a fresh start after leaving her abusive relationship, but no matter how hard she tries to move on, her past keeps clawing its way into her present. What must Katie do to fully heal and feel worthy?

Friendship and found family

What role does friendship play in our lives? How can we deepen and strengthen these relationships? For Akihiro and Do-won, their band DOYEN is essential to their success and survival. As for Katie, her friendships with Alton, Mina, and Ha-joon literally save her life.

Shining a light on our shame

How do we ask for help and what keeps us from asking for it? Due to her trauma, Katie believes she doesn’t deserve love — that she’s “too much.” How does Katie learn to trust and break free of her shame, emerging with a sense of worthiness?

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